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We’re not a charity, we’re a family

The Bewa Ghana Foundation is working together with partners to improve living conditions for children and young adults. Our projects are based on education and self-sufficiency. We believe that personal development is the key for improvement.


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Current Projects

Temporary Home

Our main focus is to provide a temporary home for children. We aim to establish a safe environment where children can live their best lives. We help, develop and encourage the Family to proceed to independence.


We care about people who also care! Especially our heart goes out to our family at Mother Cares, where the most vulnerable children are being taken in as their own.

Latest posts

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    Met de komst van Mirian is 2018 hebben we besloten om eens kritisch naar onszelf te kijken. Nooit verkeerd toch? Het heeft wat langer geduurd dan we ons hadden voorgenomen, maar onder het mom van ‘goed […]
  • New mission
    Together with the launch of pour new website, we would like to introduce you to our revised vision and mission. We chose to actively use our passion, expertise and experience into our roles as board members […]