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After Lola’s gap year and several trips to Ghana it was clear that we wanted to do more and actually mean something to children and young adults in the south of Ghana. Therefore, our charity is aiming for providing projects that has a relation with education, care and housing for children and young adults. With these projects we stimulate self-reliance within the community and eventually reach a state of self-sufficiency. Over the last few years we helped, guided and housed many children and young adults in order to let them achieve an independent and happy future.


We are giving children equal opportunities for personal development, independence and self-sustainability


This year on providing safety and stability when we support temporarily housing children and young adults.

Board Members

Our team beholds a dynamic young trio of volunteers who distinguish from others by using their professional knowledge, their experience and their devotion to support the community in Agona Swedru, Ghana. For (legal) advice they are supported by Hans and Ad.

Lola Nouwens

Lola is the one who passionately aims for projects to provide temporary housing for children. With help of our partners in Ghana we can offer the needs to reach this objective. We work alongside Mother Cares Welfare Home to achieve this goal.

Ilse Keukens

Ilse’s experience in welfare helps to shape up our projects to deliver care. These projects offered a lot of help in the earlier mentioned Welfare Home in the past years and this success has been stretching out in the community by means of outreach.

Mirian van Doren

Mirian uses her teaching skills to create educational projects where personal growth, creativity and talent development is the main focus. Herewith she strives to help children go to school and get the help they need. Her dream is to make sure that these children can live their life to the full.

Hans Neggers

Thanks to his many years of experience in the banking sector, Hans is an extremely suitable legal advisor and sparring partner. He is concerned with the more business side of our foundation.


Ad is our critical conscience and uses his business experience in order to create successful decisions.

Ghanaian partners

Our friends in Ghana are one of our amazing partners that we are very happy to work with for years. They manage Mother Cares Welfare Home with devotion and are creating opportunities to let children go to school. We have been working with them on small and long term projects to provide care and educational needs.


Barbara is a go-getter, decisive and ambitious. As the director of Mother Care is she closely involved in all participations. In Barbara we see the strong genes of her mother Joyce. In her caring hands the home is entering a new chapter.


Georgina is the operations and administrative officer and a very valuable asset to both Mother Cares and us. Her involvement makes her a perfect contact person and a reliable and caring partner.

& many more

The home wouldn’t be a home without the care, love and involvement of other member of staff and family.


Meet our supportive cheerleaders and superheroes who have been helping us out for many years. We are very proud to have so many specialities within our team. Do you also have super powers that can contribute? Contact us and shine on our wall of fame!


Mia loves to help us out anyway she can, at markets or helping selling our lovable items.


Bibi is also a regular visitor to Ghana, where she is the children’s favorite playmate. She helps us out with social media.


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