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We are so happy you want to support us! We suggest four different ways of donating funds & items. You can also volunteer with us, check out our vacancies! If you have another idea, send us a message – we would love to hear it.


Choose one of the option below to make an online donation

Single Donation

You can use this button to make a one time donation

Payment by Standing Order

You can use this button to make a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly donation

Mother Cares Family

You can use this button to join the Mother Cares Family

Do you wish to donate without the tool? You can book into our account on NL47RABO0173914098 to Stichting Bewa Ghana.

Other Donations


We are currently looking for football shoes and shin guards in all sizes. The Mother Cares Black Stars are grateful for your contribution!

Affiliate Program

When you order something online, we suggest you use this link. That way, we get a small percentage of the amount you spend. You pay the same amount as you would if you would buy directly from the webshop! We use this affiliate program to cover the costs we have, for example for the website and bank. Think of us the next time you buy clothes, insurances, flight tickets, photo products, et cetera!


After reading so many stories of our success, we are convinced that this has inspired you to help us. Your tremendous skills are always welcome. Please write to us how you would love to support us and which of your amazing specialties could be taken adventage of

Current Vacancies

We are looking for support in our social media team. Do you have understanding of the lastest trends on Photoshop, Instagram a or other apps that (unlike us), you are aware of. Please let us know and join our amazing team.

Have you been to Ghana and love to write? We are looking for a volunteer to assist in writing blogs! We would love to read your short story and motivation to find out if we’re a match!